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Mandalay Region

Thingyan Water Festival

Mandalay that has a near-unlimited supply of water is the Mandalay Moat. Mandalay Thingyan is also well-known as the ‘Silver Swan (Myo Ma) .Thingyan is enjoyable, remarkable, honest and fun. Thingyan in the olden days was bustling with traditional dance, performance stages and Thingyan troupes performing around Zay Cho area. And beautiful decorated cars are gone round the Mandalay Moat. Last few years ago, Thingyan was filled with exhaust gases and jammed with vehicles. Today, Thingyan moves towards the strolling style that has no vehicles will be allowed to enter the whole of 26th street. This system can lead to no traffic jam during Thingyan Days and we all can enjoy the Myanmar Thingyan splash walk.

Mahamuni Pagoda Festival

On the full moon day of Thabodwe, a festival that usually celebratesfor 2 days. Glutinous rice contests (Htamane` Festival) are also held on the pagoda’s platform. A variety of incense sticks are cooked and burnt on the full moon day and served reception to thousands of people who come the pilgrimage to the Mahamuni Pagoda. You can transparently see the generosity of Myanmar People in this Festival.And every early morning, the face washing ceremony of Maha Muni Pagoda is a must ritual for all locals and other visitors.

A Glimpse at Clay Pot Toy Festival in Mandalay

Burmese Clay Pot Toy Festival or O-Poke Festival was annually celebrated at the foot hill of the mountain in O-Poke city of Mandalay.People who stay in there create and paint the O-Poke as the colorful and designable toys and sell these toys. You can see thecolorful and variable toys such as Ma-har-ban-du-la hats, Pyit Tine Htaung (Billiken dolls), piggy banks, vegetable toys, and animal toys in many different sizes and colors. Not only children but also adults interest in these colorful toys. These toys are one of Myanmar handicrafts.

Thadingyut Festival

On the full moon day of Thadingyut, the occasion of Myanmar’s lighting festival is always fantastic. Myanmar people assume this day like that ‘Buddha’s return from the celestial sphere’. At base of Mandalay Hill, there has the big temple festival at Kyauk-taw-gyi Pagoda that lasts for two weeks. Local people light the candles for welcoming their Buddha and sometimes candles will be thousands in number. Everybody can participate in this festival.
Some local people launch the lanterns to the sky at the night time of Thadingyut and children enjoy this festival very much.

Taung Pyone Spirit Festival

Taung Pyone is the site where two brothers serving under the king of Bagan in the 11th century were executed. The worshippers believed that they became powerful spirits or nats. This festival in their honour is attended by tens of thousands of mediums and worshippers. A ritual is celebrated about 12 days. Toddy palm wine, whisky, rum, grilled rabbit and fried chicken are offered to the two spirit brothers. Orchestras come to play for the mediums who dance to make the spirits “joyful”.