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Mandalay Region

U Bein Bridge

Breathing the fresh air and enjoying the sunsets while walking on the bridge or taking a rowing boat in Taung Tha Man Lake. Yummy and tasty local snacks on the shore of the lake can be sure of eye-catching and water-mouthing and can also encounter interesting local blade artist and a fortune teller who predicts your future. You can see many shady trees on the bank of the lake and can rest under these trees. And there are some local fishermen who catch the fishes in that lake and sell these fishes to the restaurants near Taung Tha Man Lake.

Mandalay Night

Riding Motor Bike on the busy routes is one of the adventurous and new experiences of Mandalay City. Mandalay is also well known as bike city in the past times. As time passes by, the way of transportation mode has changed into a modernized one: bike to motor bike. The night life of the city cannot be perfect without these scattered motorbikes drivers on all roads. You can smell the aromas of sizzling street food, witness the colorful markets and festivals. Along the bank of the Mandalay Moat is the best place to visit at the night time. Fresh breeze passes through to everywhere along this side.